"I’ve got a pumped up feeling that flows through my being"


Out of Tønsberg, Norways oldest city, comes Synthetic Gentlemen.

A modern twist on the alternative rock that blossomed throughout the 90s.

Heavy guitars and lush synths pave the way as epic vocals and pounding drums guide you through the vast soundscape.

It's familiar, but fresh, with a big emphasis on catchy hooks and groovy rhythms inspired by the old stadium rock bands.

Something new, something old, and something borrowed.

These guys… hope to see you at the next show:

  • Stig André Lund SømmeLEAD VOCALS

  • Lars Kirsebom Sørensen - LEAD GUITAR

  • Herman BergsholmGUITAR

  • Magnus Hotvedt Rystad BASS GUITAR

  • Bjørnar LundeDRUMS

  • DJ Spacebar - KEYS & REASON